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North Yorkshire, DN14 0ED

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Foster a dog in your Home!

Fostering a Dog – Be Part of Their Journey!

We always need foster carers. Fosterers do an invaluable job on behalf of our dogs for a number of reasons.

* Dogs respond best in a normal, loving home environment. As a fosterer you will be able to bring out a dog’s personality to his or her full potential. Kennels can be stressful for most dogs and so we prefer for dogs to go into foster as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary stress to the animal.

* By placing a dog into a foster home, this frees up a space in kennels for other at risk dogs. This means that our network of fosterers help us to save as many dogs as possible.

* Fosterers can use their skills to assess a new dog and find any areas which may need to be addressed such as house training and socialising.

* The more knowledge we have about a dog’s traits and behaviours, the easier the dog is to place in a new home. A good background on any dog is invaluable as it helps us find the dog’s perfect family. I.e. we are often asked whether a dog is cat friendly – quite often fosterers have the opportunity to test the dog with any resident cats. A cat friendly dog opens up a lot more potential new homes for the dog!

* Fostered dogs find it easier to settle into their new forever homes. All of the care and love you put in really does help to achieve a happy ever after.

Vet treatment, food, bedding and leads are all provided. All you need to offer is a space in your home, time and a loving environment.

Please contact us if you feel you are able to volunteer as a fosterer. A homecheck will be required. 

For us at Linbee Dog Rehoming - IT'S ALL ABOUT THE DOGS!

Can you Help?

We care about all dogs!

We would love you to get involved and help keep a dog safe and cared for while we are finding a suitable forever home. How can you do that? You can sponsor one of our kennels for a month for £5 - A FIVER!!


We care about all dogs!