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How to Adopt a Dog from Us!

Rehoming a dog can be one of the most rewarding experiences for you, and your family.

It is important to consider your lifestyle, how a dog will fit into your everyday family life and how much time you are able to commit to your new canine family member. Dogs are like fingerprints, each one is very different. It is important to think about how much time you are able to commit to walking the dog, how long your dog might be left, whether you have other pets in your household to consider. Different dogs and breeds have varying needs and personalities, and this is something to bear in mind to help you find your ideal dog.

The volunteers at Linbee are happy to help you decide which dog might be most suitable for your circumstances.

This website gives details of some of the dogs available but this can change daily. Please get in touch by email or via our Facebook page, or telephone us on 07800 504262 if you need any further information.

You are welcome to come in and see the dogs who are needing homes . As the rescue is run by volunteers, there are certain times which may be particularly busy, such as weekends and school holidays. We appreciate your patience in these busy periods.

Once you have found your Linbee dog, the adoption process is as follows:

Contact Us

Please email us to express an interest in the dog you wish to adopt. alternativley fill in our adoption questionaire

Meet and Greet

We would need to arrange for any resident dogs and all of the family members in your household to come along to see your potential new dog to make sure that they are all happy in each other’s company.


We will arrange for one of our volunteers to come and visit you and your family at home to ensure you have a secure rear garden with a minimum 5 foot fence (depending on the type of dog), and also to check for any other hazards. Second Meet And Greet
It is important to ensure that your resident dogs are happy with your new arrival. Therefore, we like to arrange for a second meeting so that we can look out for any signs of potential problems.


This is the exciting bit! You can now collect your dog and the start of your beautiful friendship can begin! You will need to sign our adoption agreement as we want to ensure that your dog receives the high level of cares he or she deserves.

Follow Up

We want to make sure that you and your new dog are all settling well, and so we will always follow up with a visit to ensure that things are all going well for you all. Any problems, questions or concerns can be dealt with, although you can contact Linbee at any time if you do have any questions regarding your new arrival.

All Linbee dogs are vaccinated, neutered (or an agreement signed to ensure the dog will be neutered, as applicable), microchipped and insured for a five week period from adoption.

Frequently asked Questions

How much does it cost to adopt a Linbee dog?

The adoption donation can depend upon the breed and the age of the dog. The adoption donation covers the costs associated with making a dog suitable for rehoming. This in turn ensures that we can continue to rescue as many dogs as possible. We will be able to advise the adoption donation for a particular dog on application.

Please note that all Linbee dogs are waved off to their new homes fully vaccinated, microchipped, with 5 weeks free insurance and full back up to support your dog in settling in to their new home. On occasions, the adoption donation does not cover these costs, and we rely on additional donations to cover any shortfall.

Is the dog ok with cats/other animals?

Some of our dogs have been around cats/other animals and we will always mention this if we are aware. However, quite often we do not have much history on a dog and as such as cannot guarantee that the dog will be cat friendly. We would suggest that unless an advert states specifically that the dog is cat friendly, this is not known.

Is the dog good with children?

Most of the dogs we rehome are strays. As we have no history for the stray dogs, we are unable to assess whether or not they may be suitable in a household with children.

However, many of our dogs do enjoy the company of children. Some larger/giddy dogs tend to be quite boisterous and could knock a child over, and so we would try and specify that certain dogs may be rehomed with older children. Likewise, if we identify that a dog is definitely not suitable for a household with children, we will mention this.

We would also want to ensure that all children in the household are dog friendly!

You can understand and appreciate that we can never guarantee a dog’s suitability with children and we would always recommend that a dog should never be left alone with a child at any time.

Can I rehome if I work full time?

Dogs are companion animals and tend to struggle if they are left alone for long periods of time. As a general rule of thumb, an adult, mature dog over five years old should not be left for more than four to six hours on a regular basis. A dog younger than this can generally be left a couple of hours but puppies should not really be left at all when they are very young, and the time they spend alone should be very gradually built up.

Separation anxiety is one of the main reasons dogs end up in rescue. Separation anxiety presents itself in many ways - this can cause the dog to bark constantly, cause damage due to feeling over stressed and mess in the house. These are all issues which can be difficult to address if you are out for long periods of time.

We understand that some people are able to employ a dog walker if they work full time and we would ask for proof of this. We would treat each case individually. We would suggest you do contact us even if you do work full time - if we have the right dog who may cope with this situation and you feel you will be able to ensure he or she has someone available to break up the day, if you and your family are not present for extended periods.

Where are you and what times can I visit the kennels?

Our opening times are
Monday - Friday 11am - 4pm Except Tuesday
Weekends 10am - 3pm

How Can I Help the Dogs at Linbee?

Linbee Dog Rehoming is run entirely by volunteers. We value any help that you may be able to offer and there any many ways you can make a difference. Please see the section Get Involved for more information. We hope to hear from you soon!

Can you Help?

We care about all dogs!

We would love you to get involved and help keep a dog safe and cared for while we are finding a suitable forever home. How can you do that? You can sponsor one of our kennels for a month for £5 - A FIVER!!


We care about all dogs!