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Meet Betsy Life Begins at Linbee

From Pounds for Poundies
Betsy’s story before she came to Linbee.
Betsy has a really sad story and god bless her has been so failed by safe in emergency boarding after finding herself in the pound after clearly being bred from over and over and knowing very little love or care......
Update from her pound helpers:
Sadly this older girl is in a poor state and after a vet visit today she has a multiple issues going on.
1. meds for ears (after cleaning them) 
2. meds for her arthritis 
3. worm and flea treatment and initial trimming of her nails as these were so long they were curling up (this will need to be repeated several times to get them short enough for healthy walking)
4. She will need a dental
The bigger issues are:
1.entropian of the upper and lower eye lids
2. several lumps that need aspirating and testing for cancerous cells.
3. A possible mammary tumour.
I am waiting to speak to the rescue that offered on her to ask what the treatment plan would be if her results from aspiration came back indicating cancerous cells and if it would be best we find her palliative care or they do.
I am determined that this girl who appears to have known little kindness in her previous life at least gets the chance to enjoy what time she has left on this earth in a loving home.
Linda Whitaker
February 12 at 9:45 PM
Well the old lady has arrived safe with us thanks to lynne baldwin.
Everyone please welcome Betsy to Linbee.
She is one sad girl who has several health issues, lumps and bumps which will be tested for cancer, poor hips, splayed front leg, ear infection and etropian of the eyes.
she is booked in at the vets and hopefully we will make her more comfortable whilst tests are carried out....and possibly get her into hydro to help with her hips.
onwards and upwards baby girl xx
Linda Whitaker
Yup its the same dog....its our darling Betsy and today she was such a brave girl at the vets.
She was prodded poked pulled and pricked and didn't bat an eyelid.
Surprisingly for her age she has no major health issues apart from needing a good dental later.
For now she's on a strict diet no treats and small walks to lose the pounds and gain muscle on her legs which in time should make her more mobile...the lumps were tested and are none cancerous on her head and onwards and upwards.
For being a good girl she got to pick her own toy at pets at home with Jacqui Keleher and lin cox.


Rubble and Burns Natural Food
Many thanks to Burns Natural Food for Pets, for sponsoring the sensative food for Rubble for 6 months



Linbee's New Home

Linbee are very excited to have moved to their new premises on the 1st of October.  As you can see from the photos, our new facilities are fantastic.  With large, indoor kennels and a massive outdoor exercise area this is a brilliant move for our dogs.  We now have more kennels too so we can rescue more dogs.  


The dogs currently waiting for their forever homes, settled in straight away.  




They're sat waiting and hoping you'll come.

10,000 steps every day. that's what the NHS Guidelines recommend people need to stay healthy.

Imagine being able to hit your target as well as making a Dog's Day!

Linbee Dogs are sat waiting and hoping that you will visit them, Especially during the winter months. Come rain or shine, the dogs in the kennels sit and wait for that special person to come and make their dreams come true , by taking them for a walk and spending some time with them.

Why not come along and meet them, and take advantage of the lovely walks around the area.

However much time you have to spare, we can guarantee both the Dogs and you will enjoy your time together. 

Linbee Dog Van

Many Thanks to Support Adoption for Pets for granting us the funds to buy this vehicle for the Linbee dogs.




          EXCITING NEWS!!!

Linbee are now in partnership with Pets at Home's Halifax, Guiseley, Brighouse, Idle and Selby branches and are being supported by their Support Adoption for Pets charity!

This is a huge leap for Linbee! The application was rigorous and it is yet another step towards getting more people aware of Linbee Dog Rehoming and the rescue's ethos.

It also means that Linbee are able to fund raise from these branches, receive donations of food/toys for the dogs via customers from the Support Adoption for Pets bins placed around stores and local people can now also locate us using their Find a Pet page on the Support Adoption for Pets website. This all helps Linbee to do what they are geared towards - helping as many dogs as possible!

We hope that you are as excited as we are to be supported by such a huge organisation!

For more information on the Support Adoption for Pets scheme, please click this link to be redirected to their website.


Five Weeks Free Insurance for All Adopted Linbee Dogs!

Linbee have managed to secure a policy which provides ALL of our lovely adopters with five weeks free insurance for their adopted dog!

This means that all dogs who are adopted from Linbee will be insured - irrespective of age, breed, etc - for a full five week period!

We are sure you will agree that it is added peace of mind, and we hope that this will encourage more people to consider our lovely older boys and girls, too.  

The veterinary costs when a dog is ill can soon spiral, and we always advise all our adopters that pet insurance is taken out for all pets. This ensures that they can be treated without too much worry in the event of accident or illness. It's a small monthly cost to cover bills which can potentially run into thousands of pounds.



Can you Help?

We care about all dogs!

We would love you to get involved and help keep a dog safe and cared for while we are finding a suitable forever home. How can you do that? You can sponsor one of our kennels for a month for £5 - A FIVER!!


We care about all dogs!