Linbee Dog Rehoming, The Kennels, Lowgate crossing Farm, Balne

North Yorkshire, DN14 0ED

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Linbee would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts all of the organisations who support us in many different ways, some of whom are listed below:

Give A Dog A Gift is a charitable trust. They provide grants to small dog rescues in UK and Ireland. This can be to pay for veterinary bills, food, bedding and other necessities. They seek to raise awareness of cruelty and mistreatment to animals and raise awareness of how dogs should be properly cared for through fund raising activities and attending public events.

Thanks to Gift A Dog A Gift for visiting Linbee and bringing food and toys for the dogs - every time you visit it's like Christmas! 

Linbee are now in partnership with Pets at Home's Halifax &, Idle branches!

This means that we are now able to fund raise from these branches as well as receive donations of food/toys via customers from the Support Adoption for Pets bins placed around these stores. We would like to thank the stores for making us so welcome during our fundraising events and for all of the help and donations (and cups of tea!) we have received.

Pooch and Mutt are a pet health company that make grain-free functional foods, wheat free treats and health supplements.

Linbee would like to thank Pooch and Mutt for providing our volunteer dog walkers with healthy, digestible treats to reward the Linbee dogs for great behaviour while out and about!  smile emoticon

Support Adoption for Pets is an animal charity. They have 372 pet rehoming centres across the UK, and also support over 1,000 animal rescues across the UK and Northern Ireland by providing a financial lifeline in the form of grants and also by fundraising for the organisations they support.

Linbee are proud to be associated with Support Adoption For Pets, and the huge amount of support that this association brings.




Bespoke handmade dog leads, collars, harness' and head collars. Made to order from quality materials especially for you and your dog.
Meg Heath Dog Leads have kindly donated 10 Kennel Evacuation Leads to Linbee. This Lead was inspired by the Manchester Dogs Home Fire. The concept was to design a lead that is stored with easy access in the unlikely event of a fire, to take the dogs to safety and can then be easily secured to a fence, tree or Post.


Can you Help?

We care about all dogs!

We would love you to get involved and help keep a dog safe and cared for while we are finding a suitable forever home. How can you do that? You can sponsor one of our kennels for a month for £5 - A FIVER!!


We care about all dogs!