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Our Rehomed Dog Success Stories

Ozzie's Story - 6 months on






Anything is possible.

William was one of the worst cases of neglect that we have seen. Left for months to lie in his own excrement his skin had deteriorated so badly he had no fur left, just bleeding and cracked skin. He also had many other neglect related health issues. Burns pork and potato food gave William the diet his body needed to help his skin heal and get him on the road to recovery



and Skye before and after.

Skye came to Linbee in very poor, half starved and malnourished condition and was fed Burns puppy food to help her gain weight and her health'



This is Bambam , he came to Linbee as a stray...a dog nobody wanted... now adopted and called stanley.and totally spoilt and Happy boy.





It Just goes to show what Linbee Love can do                                                            

Have you adopted a Linbee dog? Would you be happy to share your love story on our website?

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We hope to hear from you soon and look forward to seeing your photos and sharing your stories with other supporters and potential adopters! 


On the 17th of February 2016 we lost our beautiful Staffordshire bull terrier Baxter.     He was 13yr old we had him from a puppy, we were heartbroken. Our house was so empty with no dog. 

I decided to foster a way to help ease our pain and help a dog in need. I came across Linbee and looked at their pictures, one caught my eye! We visited Rocco and then on the 25th March he came to us as a foster. He was and still is as daft as a brush! My two kids loved him and he fitted in so well!! Fast forward 11 months and Rocco is still here! He is our family we love him and he will have a home forever. How he became a stray is beyond me but I know he had been at Linbee for 6 months. He rescued us just as much as we rescued him and he has made us whole again. No dog could replace Baxter but I know we did the right thing giving a rescue dog his forever family. 




Our friend, Lorraine Yates introduced us to Poppy by way of a photo and I think I knew immediately that this stunning girl was the dog who would complete our furry family. 


We have Princess Jilly Whiskers and Alfie (Alfred Noodle) and have adopted numerous rescue dogs over the years, all of whom lived out their happy lives with us. Thankfully Linda was agreeable to bringing Poppy all the way over from Osset to Southport for our meet and greet. Surprisingly Alfie wasn't too sure initially. But with a bit of time and consistency, they are now best of buddies. He's even learned to put up with her 'love bombs' - she is so affectionate to humans and her doggy siblings alike. She's got such a beautiful personality and we are so thankful to Linbee for rescuing Poppy and for letting us adopt our gorgeous little huge girl! 




we used to have 2 boxers and in Easter 2015 we lost my little white one to lymphoma cancer. I was gutted, still am. But we decided to just have the one dog as she can be a bit "select". we discussed getting another dog several times but my husband had been poorly and wasn't working we thought we best not have that expense. Anyway the discussion came back after we had been up to an open day. My husband was getting better and started taking his mountain bike to get some fitness back. He was just passing SpringMill and called in on the off chance and met with Sharon Keogh. She took the time to chat to him and show him around and he came across "Geezer". My husband said that as soon as he saw him he knew that I would love him. He sent me a picture, one of which I have attached and I absolutely loved him. I was at the hospital the next day and by some miracle we got in early!!!! so we came out of hospital and straight to the kennels, it must have been just after 9am but Sharon was there again and my husband asked if I could be shown the dog he met yesterday. OMG he was even better in real life. he was jumping up at the gates and covered me in dirty water and paw prints. We then had to bring Betsy  (our misery boxer) to meet him, and to start with she wasn't sure but she got closer to him on the walk and settled down. by the end of the walk she got a bit defensive about anyone else going near him so we knew she would accept him. On the Saturday we went back to the kennels and met with Linda who brought Geezer and did our homecheck, while  Geezer spent a lot of his time upstairs with our youngest son in his bedroom and generally running round the house. Well we passed the homecheck and Linda left him with us.     

we have always had rescue dogs and you always think that the worst is gonna happen with them, Betsy covered our house in poo and pee for the first 6 weeks, we had a greyhound who could sniff out chocolate like a pro and my little boxer used to dance so much when he got excited that he used to try and take your shoes off you whilst you had them on, and he could jump up on the surfaces of our kitchen hahahah.

Geezer/fathead/Dippy is not perfect. He can break through doors, even with locks on just by ramming the doors, he has peed on my side of the bed on a number of occasions and he has bottom burps that can take the eyebrows off your face but he is perfect in my eyes. He brings us so much joy and I love snuggling up to him on an evening when my working day is done. He loves it when my husband comes back from working away on a Friday evening so they can have a "fight" and when we leave on a morning, if my son doesn't have college first thing he will go up into his bedroom and snuggle up on his bed until he gets up.

I can't thank Linda, Kae and especially Sharon Keogh at Linbee. I say especially Sharon as she never once told us to come back at the correct time for viewing or made it seem like she was too busy to chat. We do visit kennels and can see how busy they are but without their dedication and the love they have for the dogs, we wouldn't have our little man, and that I am truly grateful.

Sorry I've gone on a bit, this is my shortened version.





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