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Our Rehomed Dog Success Stories

Cannot image live without them now

We adopted April and Precious January 2019, they are mum and daughter and love to settle on your lap for a snuggle. They destroy balls so we have ropes for them instead. Cannot image live without them now ....


It was just the two of us and she seriously kept me going

I adopted Myrtle (was Ruby) in December 2017, she was part of a litter rescued from a house being used as a puppy farm.
She came to live with me on my Narrowboat. At the time she and i worked 2 weeks a month in the west end of London and she took everything in her stride,
it was just the two of us and she seriously kept me going, so loving and cheeky and a great hot water bottle in the winter on the boat.
She now has a big brother, Winston, who brought with him my fiancee and the four of us live together on the boat. They are inseparable and such characters, Myrtle really thrived having another dog as a soul mate, they love their life here at the moorings, with multiple fields for a garden, neighbouring boaty dogs to play with and a cosy log burner to snooze next to.
She literally changed my life, we don't work away anymore and two became four in the most perfect way! (I used the dogs as an excuse for our first date and 18months later we're planning a wedding!)

My hubby spotted Flynn on facebook over Christmas

We decided ΔΊast year that we needed another dog as it had been a few years since we lost our Great Dane. My husband has always wanted a Bulldog so we started looking around. We always look for rescue dogs as we love to give an unloved dog the love they deserve. My hubby spotted Flynn on facebook over Christmas and rang Linda. She arranged for us to meet Flynn and we knew he was the dog for us straight away. The process was simple whilst thorough and we finally picked him up 3 weeks later. Linda and her team were brilliant from Day 1 and a month later we couldnt imagine the house without him. He has his moments as all dogs do but settled in really well and we have got to know him and he has got to know us. I have attached a couple of pics to show what a mad character he is, which suits us well lol



linbee was recommended to us

 linbee was recommended to us by my friend julie who also adopted from you so we came for a look and fell in love with this boy from the moment we met. But archie was been moved that day to other kennels but we followed and hes been with us ever since and can't imagine life with out him his first week was spent at the caravan bonding with us and settled right away and it's now his favourite place but I have to say were not his favourite humans because my grandson stole his heart and are the best of friends .archie is just loving life and all the attention one happy dog

Found my furever home

Hiya I'm rocky, I came to live my hoomans in august 2019,mum took me home first to see how I'd get on with my,now,fur bro cat ,skunk,and my fur sister winnie..I passed with flying colours πŸΎ and found my furever home. I'm a bit funny with other dogs until I get to know them,l love food, alllll food, mum says maybe a bit too much πŸ™„πŸ™ˆ,and puddles,or ponds are my favourite pass times,the muddier I get the better πŸ˜πŸ•....looking forward to hearing your furever rocky πŸΎβ€ xx


Ozzie's Story - 6 months on



It Just goes to show what  Linbee  Love can do                                                            

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